How I Met My Guru

gurujpg Guru is a Sanskrit word that means remover of darkness. Buddhists and Hindus hold festivals and elaborate ceremonies on a holiday called Guru Purnima, which happened this week, in fact.

This significant holiday is an opportunity for students to honor teachers and express gratitude for those who have taught important lessons, removed shadows of doubt, and shined a light on blinding ignorance.

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Stop Being Lazy and Unlock Your Motivation

lazy-dogI’m cozy in bed, snuggled up in my comforter, having a nice dream, ahh so comfy…then the alarm beeps. Just one snooze, I think. 9 minutes later, one more snooze. Raise your hand if this has happened to you.

Oh, here’s another one. I’m on the couch, watching trashy TV shows, but I should be doing something productive. Ugh, but being stuck on the couch is so much better.

This force, the force keeping you on the couch, keeping you snuggled up cozy in your bed is called tamas. It’s a Sanskrit word that I think probably means lazy slob.

The universe, our bodies, pretty much everything is made up of three forces, or gunas: tamas, rajas, and sattva. By truly understanding the different energies in the body (and around us), we have power to change them and counteract them.  Here’s how…

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