Formerly a journalist and now marketing professional, I’m also a trained Iyengar yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist.

It may seem like an odd mix of skills and credentials, but after years of stressful days hunched over a keyboard, I found yoga as a way to unwind and find peace amid the chaos. Since that first fateful (and somewhat painful) yoga class nearly 20 years ago, I’ve completed a year-long, 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified teacher training.

My path to health also brought me to Ayurveda, India’s system of holistic healing and my teacher Shunya Pratichi Mathur who hails from a 700-year lineage of healers.

I graduated from Vedika Global with a five-year degree in Ayurveda health and clinical medicine. This program is accredited by AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America) and recognized by CAAM (California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine). I spent two years in residency treating patients at Vedika’s Public Health Clinic.

Why the name Dharma Bytes?


 Dogs are the best yogis.

All of the information I share on this blog is rooted in the ancient Vedic texts, but also steeped in my experiences in modern life. The name Dharma Bytes encompasses those two worlds. The word dharma has many definitions, but for the purposes of this blog dharma means finding one’s true purpose.

We all seek that Truth (with a capital “T”) in life–that path which brings health, joy, love, and peace. And, a byte is a unit of digital information. Combine the two, and you’ve got this blog.

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(An extra special thanks to Anna Sui who designed the Dharma Bytes banner.)

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