Stop Being Lazy and Unlock Your Motivation

lazy-dogI’m cozy in bed, snuggled up in my comforter, having a nice dream, ahh so comfy…then the alarm beeps. Just one snooze, I think. 9 minutes later, one more snooze. Raise your hand if this has happened to you.

Oh, here’s another one. I’m on the couch, watching trashy TV shows, but I should be doing something productive. Ugh, but being stuck on the couch is so much better.

This force, the force keeping you on the couch, keeping you snuggled up cozy in your bed is called tamas. It’s a Sanskrit word that I think probably means lazy slob.

The universe, our bodies, pretty much everything is made up of three forces, or gunas: tamas, rajas, and sattva. By truly understanding the different energies in the body (and around us), we have power to change them and counteract them.  Here’s how…

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Goodbye Insomnia! Try This Routine to Bring Sound Sleep

can't sleep?It’s said that nearly one in three adults in the US has insomnia at some point. Our addiction to technology, gadgets, and lack of work-life balance isn’t helping matters and definitely contributes to our tossing, turning, and wide-eyed nighttime restlessness. (And next-day zombie-ness following a poor night’s sleep.)

Ayurveda would approach this in terms of energy. By setting a routine to bring your restless brain from rajas (a state of movement, thinking, and doing) to a state of tamas (heaviness and tiredness), you can sleep soundly. Those who have insomnia stay in perpetual rajas. Here are some tips to bring tamas and sleep to you.

These are some of my favorite tactics for relaxing after a long, busy day. If you can dedicate just a half hour to this routine, or just try the steps that sound most appealing, you will fall asleep and sleep more soundly.

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