Ayurveda: The Key to Sanity in an Insane World

Many yoga and holistic health writers tell you how they live the lifestyle: Wake with the sun, practice yoga for three hours, meditate, and eat a raw diet as they chant mantras by the riverside.

And while I want to reap the benefits of that lifestyle, I am not that person. Like you, I work full time. While that may seem like it hardly qualifies me to write a blog about holistic health, it actually does because I’m right there with you. I understand the pressures of work-life balance and how to incorporate Ayurvedic practices alongside a 40+ hour workweek.

Years ago, it became clear that if I were to ever stay sane in the tech industry, I’d either have to become an alcoholic, a pathological liar, or try my chances at yoga and Ayurveda.

After practicing yoga for 12 years and completing a year-long 200-hour yoga teacher training, I realized I had the tools to keep stress from eating me alive. Being a tech geek wasn’t enough, I became a yoga geek, too. But that still wasn’t enough. So now I also have nearly four years of school and clinic time learning Ayurveda (India’s system of holistic medicine) from my teacher at Vedika Global Shunya Pratichi Mathur who hails from a 700-year lineage of healers.

While my professional expertise lies in writing, marketing, and social media, I didn’t want to write about the very thing I do every day working for a big tech company.

I want to write about that other thing. The thing that keeps me sane, healthy, and balanced after a long day toiling over my laptop. The very thing that helps me unplug from all things digital.

While I may not wake at 4 a.m. or follow every single practice laid out in the Ayurvedic texts, I’ve learned which yoga poses to do when, how to eat right for my constitution, how to stay in balance, prevent disease, and bring my mind to a calmer place without the use of vodka or sleeping pills.

Wait, what is Ayurveda?
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