Revisiting Success: How to Enjoy What You Do

sandcastleIt’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of shame and self doubt, especially in a culture that rewards our accomplishments, physical appearance, and bank balances.

As a result, our days are spent striving and pushing toward an end goal. So much so that we infrequently focus on the present moment. It’s so easy to lose sight of our feet on the path with our heads buried in our iPhones.

Is happiness conditional?

“If only I could make a million dollars, then I’ll be happy.”

“If only I could make vice president, then I’ll be happy.”

“If only I could lose those 10 pounds, then I’ll be thin (and happy).”

I know I’ve been guilty of uttering at least some of those phrases and I’m certain you have, too. We think our future is this rosy place of unicorns, happiness, and fulfilled dreams. I’ve got news for you: it’s not.

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