A Springtime Recipe + Practices to Kick Your Health into Gear

barley kichadi

Spring barley bowl–great to put a spring in your step in the spring.

Sick of colds, coughs, and allergies this time of year?

Why do we get colds in spring, anyway?

Spring is the time when kapha dosha melts. Think of this as the equivalent of winter ice melting to make way for spring’s lush growth in our bodies. If we don’t adjust our heavier winter diets to address the melting kapha this can mean colds, allergies, cough, asthma, or just a feeling of heaviness or sluggishness. Blech.

Ayurveda’s wisdom says that that if you’re trying to rid your body of accumulated winter fat and heaviness, it’s time to switch to a light, easy-to-digest diet. OK, most wisdom says that.

Keep reading for dietary tips to keep you healthy and a light springtime barley bowl at the end of this post to help you feel right.

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Reset Your Digestion with Balancing Kitchari

While so many diets claim to work magic, the real secret is eating food that your body can digest. This recipe works wonders on your digestion and is a sort of reset button to bring everything back into equilibrium.

I first tried kitchari (also called kichidi) seven years ago when my digestion was in a horrible state–I was bloated, irritable, and felt like whatever I ate wouldn’t cooperate once inside my stomach. My ayurvedic practitioner suggested this simple recipe–called kitchari, or as my husband calls it, “gruel”–that is very easy to digest, easy to make, and is actually pretty tasty.

After a week of eating nothing but kitchari, I have to admit my mind was clear, I felt eerily calm, my stomach was flat, and my digestion felt healed.

You can try this for a meal or go for a full week to really get the full healing power. This recipe is perfect for summer (winter, fall, and spring would be tweaked slightly in spices and veggies). If it’s really hot where you live, let the kitchari cool a bit before eating.

After a week on this stuff, your head will feel clear, your skin brighter, and you will drop weight (if your body needs to do so). Here’s how you make it… Continue reading