Ice Water: Is it Making You Fat?

Frosty killer? Digestion destroyer? Gut buster? Isn’t that a bit dramatic?

Maybe so, but ice does nothing good for your body. And if you chow down at nearly any restaurant, home, or hospital in the United States, nearly any drink you’re served will undoubtedly contain ice or be served very cold.

And why not? Ice is seemingly innocuous. Nothing like some cool cubes to make beverages taste highly refreshing and delicious. But that water of yours can make you chunky. Say what?

With a reported 31% of the United States considered obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control, changes in diet and lifestyle are crucial to reversing this trend.

C’mon, you don’t need stomach staples, diet pills, or anything so drastic. Ayurveda offers many simple, practical remedies that can lead to healthy digestion. Continue reading