The Kitchen Pharmacy: Turmeric the Wonder Spice


The yellow wonder herb: turmeric!

Did you realize that your very own kitchen pantry contains potent tonics and remedies? No, not the red wine (though that’s potent in its own right).

Given that the bulk of what we take into our bodies comes in the form of food, it has the potential to transform and heal very quickly. Not only can food heal you, if you maintain a diet that is balanced for your constitution, food works better than any medicine.

One of the first healing herbs I learned about in school for Ayurveda was turmeric. You can find it in the spice aisle of any supermarket. I discovered that, aside from staining everything it comes into contact with yellow, turmeric can do some pretty phenomenal things. Not only can it protect our bodies from toxins, but it can purify our blood, help make skin radiant, and heal injuries after an accident.

Keep reading to learn about more benefits as well as some methods for using turmeric to heal a variety of ills.
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