The story matters in all mediums: social, digital, branding, advertising, and video. Everyone has a story. 

What’s mine? I am a marketing mastermind, creative force, team leader, content nerd, and builder of communities. All of this work requires sharing and telling stories.

My story has taken me from LA to San Francisco, from intern to leader, from glossy magazines to nonprofits, from the Fortune 500 to ad agencies.

As a world traveler, amateur chef, yoga-holic, Ayurveda practitioner, and animal rescuer, each facet of me is a story unto itself.  

Each place taught me something new. Each role instilled wisdom. Every challenge brought strength and humility. And it’s taught me to talk less, and listen more. 

From here you can continue the journey: see digital campaigns I’ve led, read what I’ve written, and view my resume.