Who am I?

AlexK_Headshot_final-smallI’m Alex Krasne, a former journalist and now content marketing professional, speaker, and digital storyteller. I’m also a trained Iyengar yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist.

It may seem like an odd mix of skills and credentials, but after years of stressful days hunched over a keyboard, I found yoga as a way to unwind and find peace amid the chaos. Since that first fateful (and somewhat painful) yoga class more than 12 years ago, I’ve completed a year-long, 200-hour yoga teacher training.

My path to health also brought me to Ayurveda, India’s system of holistic healing. I’ve graduated from Vedika Global‘s five-year program after studying Ayurveda and learning this science from my¬†teacher Shunya Pratichi Mathur who hails from a 700-year lineage of healers.

Through Ayurveda and yoga, I’ve come to understand that the prevention of and cure for many modern afflictions can be found through proper lifestyle and diet. I’ve seen many patients and fellow students ditch prescriptions, avoid surgery, and feel healthy for the first time in many years thanks to this amazing science.

Why the name Dharma Bytes?


Doing yoga with my dog, who is quite a teacher.

All of the information I share on this blog is rooted in the ancient Vedic texts, but also steeped in my experiences in modern life. The name Dharma Bytes encompasses those two worlds. The word dharma has many definitions, but for the purposes of this blog and in my mind, dharma means to focus on doing what’s right, avoiding what’s wrong, and finding one’s true purpose.

We all seek that Truth (with a capital “T”) in life–that path which brings health, joy, love, and peace. And, a byte is a unit of digital information. Combine the two, and you’ve got this blog!

By sharing this knowledge, I hope to bring peace, health, and wisdom to you. No vodka, sleeping pills, or crack required.

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(An extra special thanks to the amazingly talented Anna Sui who designed the beautiful Dharma Bytes banner you see on this blog.)

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